Round 4. Gettin Cream (P​-​top Prod. DJ Earl)

from by The Era Footwork Crew



So whats the verdict, I walk in the circle niggas is nervous, they hurtin, scared to kick a leg this shit is worthless whats the purpose. Niggas need nurses ghost’s got curses. Treating fools with no remorse, yeah that’s my purpose. Throughout the verses you live and learn, step in the lane with them hittas and you will get burned. Come get u some. And get treated weak niggas better beat it, kill it where I leave it never defeated uh. Always respect the great ones before our time (legends) real niggas can understand when its time to grind. Level up or move around, yo squad aint making a sound. They got quiet when real hittas came around (silence). Me and gang we back at it, smoking shit up serving geeks like crack addicts. Forever leaving, always achieving, niggas hate give em a reason. Look in the sky we always high off the era season. Remember when niggas said footwork was dead, they neglected it. Went through hell and back to give it life we resurrecting shit. Put imprints up on the road now that’s some legend shit.
Niggas cant hang with us cant bang with us, burning fools into angel dust. Cant even drive the same lane as us. Set the bar high now they blaming us, so niggas is devastated. Lost in the sauce, corrupted souls, uneducated. Hood economics and street smarts was never played with. Hustle up to the come up. Pussy boy bet not run up. Me and my niggas stunting. Beat the odds aint no running nigga

2x Im getting cream hitting wurkz on the scene niggas looking mean


from So·lo (z) EP, track released June 9, 2017
Written by P-top (The Era) Copyright control. Ⓟ2017 The Era Footwork Crew LLC

Produced by Earl Smith (DJ Earl) Copyright control. Ⓟ2017 Teklife



all rights reserved


The Era Footwork Crew Chicago, Illinois

THE ERA is a Chicago-based footwork crew. Members from the group have performed on Windy City live ABC 7 Chicago, London's Barbican, Pitchfork music festival in Chicago, Lollapalooza, South by Southwest and have collaborated with various artists and collectives such as Teklife, Towkio, Chance The Rapper, Savemoney and Mic Terror of Treated Crew. ... more

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