So·lo (z) EP

by The Era Footwork Crew

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So·lo (z), is THE ERA footwork crew’s Debut EP. The entire project is centered around single rounds of “footwork with words” that feature each member of the crew on tracks individually. The concept of So·lo (z) was inspired by footworker’s who soloed at the end of dance group performances at local competitions in Chicago known as “dance downs”. The five track EP lets you inside the personality of each member while giving you the experience of what it feels like soloing over footwork beats as dancers, ending with their latest track “Get U Some”. With narrations from Korprate, Chicago rapper/ comedian, productions from Teklife producers DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ Earl, Slick Shoota and for the first time, lyrics are laid over an RP Boo masterpiece, THE ERA look to further bridge the gap between footwork and hip-hop while showing they’re development as upcoming artist in both, dance & music.

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1.) Round 1: Manny's Home (Chief Manny Prod. RP Boo)
2.) Round 2: I'm Blow'd Stee-mix (Steelo Prod. DJ Rashad)
3.) Round 3: Bulby Wurk Hard (Litebulb Prod. DJ Spinn)
4.) Round 4: Getting Cream (P-top Prod. DJ Earl)
5.) Round 5: Get U Some Remix (The Era Prod. Slick Shoota)


released June 9, 2017

All songs written by [ The Era Footwork Crew] Copyright control. Ⓟ2017 The Era Footwork Crew LLC

Tracks produced by DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ Earl, Slick Shoota [ Teklife ] and RP Boo [ Planet Mu Records ]

Recording / Mixing by DJ D-man [ Flip Da Script Studios ]

Mastering by Jeff Lamonte [Classick Studios]

EP Produced by [ The Era ] Litebulb, Chief Manny, Steelo, P-top, Wills, Dee-Dee,

Photography by Treylegit

Round 1: Manny's Home produced by Kavain Wayne Space. Copyright control. Ⓟ&ⓒ2015 Planet Mu Records Ltd.

Round 2 - 5 produced by Teklife Records. Copyright control. Ⓟ2017 Teklife

Thank you to all of our contributors towards our Debut EP

Brian Calhoun
Calvin Calhoun
Charles Calhoun
Classie Lofton
Jamal Oliver Sr.
Justine Flowers
Dee-Dee Stallworth
Lisa Lee
Michael Calhoun
Wills Glasspiegel
Drew Alt

Special thanks to all of our day one supporters who donated towards our Debut EP by purchasing Era Tees this past spring. All proceeds went towards the production of So·lo (z) EP.



all rights reserved


The Era Footwork Crew Chicago, Illinois

THE ERA is a Chicago-based footwork crew. Members from the group have performed on Windy City live ABC 7 Chicago, London's Barbican, Pitchfork music festival in Chicago, Lollapalooza, South by Southwest and have collaborated with various artists and collectives such as Teklife, Towkio, Chance The Rapper, Savemoney and Mic Terror of Treated Crew. ... more

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Track Name: Round 1. Manny's Home (Chief Manny Prod. RP Boo)
You niggas keep talking that shit, but losing this battles and throwing a fit, the era its 4 of them niggas but killing whole parties like 4 to the 10th, power so how are you goofy's gone cower up, after we rain on you, April showers. Our status cause frantic and panic in niggas, bring caskets to battles and funeral flowers. How is it, from this dance shit we make a living and counting thousands, guess we smart we done played our part now lets lounge in this game. No time for back tracking our lane is made, save the day.

Cause winters near I smell the fear and taste the blood, I'm a hound dog at the grounds ya'll, with these rounds dog, you put a stop to us how does that sound dog. Member this clown ran up on me with some bop shit, hit the nae nae, revered the folkz shit where is yo dance card? Imma revoke it. It was a Thursday he need to stop it, I do not play play, he tried to drop it, bring that ass here boy, I'm bout to drop kick, you with feet work shit, my rounds are perfect, but anyways, the moral of that shit, any dancer touch a circle you will get clapped quick. (Daddy's home) No manny’s home so, (Feel the beat) my moves are fire in these streets, standing on the 7 9 bus stop playing beats. Don’t mistake me for no street nigga, but I'm packing heat in these streets nigga, with the holiest ghost burning you like some toast, I swear all my friends say I’m doing the most. Don’t know when to stop when a nigga get going, torch you on Sunday, then labbed all day Monday, by Tuesday I'm back in the streets but its snowing. Stay working all day so what more can I say, i'm heated from making up heat Hennessy. Brings fire and wakes up the demons from dreaming don’t scream and get burnt like a spoon cause i'm fiending
Track Name: Round 2. I'm Blow'd Stee-mix (Steelo Prod. DJ Rashad)
We innovated this shit, that mean we laid blueprints for footwork, it wasn’t bout getting rich. 9 to 5 taking shit, working for chips with no dip. Bottom of the totem pole and that don’t go with my fit, I got a, fresh dad hat kicks is retro (number 9) in the circle killing off the petro (every time). That g-a-s yes we the best, if you contest put keys in chest, you know the rest nigga. Move like a vet nigga. Learned that from some older pak niggas, era gang bringing terra back nigga. No you cant hang with us cant bang with us, got some niggas that’s dangerous, cant lab with us, every round spectacular, know im spazzing cause. (Im blowed….)

We really doing it, having and pursuing it, we giving life to the game ya’ll tried to ruin it. Niggas suckas and they hater “09” was chasing paper, same time footworked my way up, want our placement gotta take it nigga. How you cold without the basics, on the road destined for greatness, remained the same and never lane switched. Mixing new wurkz and some skates with shit I learned from granny basement. That was right off 91st but niggas know I’m east side crazy, state to to going brazy, different countries niggas shady, but we aint worried about that lately, leave them niggas till that hating cause, bulb keep that backpack, hit niggas with hack sacks, flip wurkz like flap jacks, them circles I tax that, we wolves ya’ll rat packs. Lo.

Im blow’d

In L.A., Im blow’d, in the city. Im blow’d, to the bay. Im blow’d NYC
Track Name: Round 3. Bulby Wurk Hard (Litebulb Prod. DJ Spinn)
I work hard, city know I go hard , ayyyyyyye I go hard, go hard, go hard, go hard. Hey. They saying shit like we the last of a dying breed, grew the culture like we in the backyard planting seeds. I aint no mc. You couldn’t find a rapper hitting glides as cold as me, ghost a make yo soul leave. Michael Jackson times 3, I come from granny basement long nights floating shits creek, that’s 91st street. Where the greats selected me. B-u-l-b when we in these streets. These niggas sleeping. Im up at 3 a.m. stroking my thoughts the rent is creeping, but do you know the feeling? You Gotta come up with that income cause the pipes is dripping. Im on my way to work I’m labbin boy i’m never slipping, ah solve a problem any circle boy we mathematicians. I come from 4 a.m. labbin out in moms kitchen. to foldin dudes in lunchrooms and then we cop suspensions. The skates unique like when 2 atoms splitting. I caught the game fast ball, no glove or mitten. Its either cold winters or hot summers. You either dance or hoop with the mans or them streets will melt you like hot butter. Cause I’m a crowd splitter, old soul credentials master splinter, track leaner, wurkz is cleaner. Straight out the britta. leaving my print in the field like a pair of cleats, so they copy me like a parakeet. Wurkz hard, flows hard, let my talent speak cause talk is cheap. Ayyyyye. I go hard
Go hard 3x

They say they wurkin we don’t see em whats your resume (where you at)3x
No days off cause I’m clocking in like everyday.

I work hard, city know I go hard. Aye. Go hard 4x
Track Name: Round 4. Gettin Cream (P-top Prod. DJ Earl)
So whats the verdict, I walk in the circle niggas is nervous, they hurtin, scared to kick a leg this shit is worthless whats the purpose. Niggas need nurses ghost’s got curses. Treating fools with no remorse, yeah that’s my purpose. Throughout the verses you live and learn, step in the lane with them hittas and you will get burned. Come get u some. And get treated weak niggas better beat it, kill it where I leave it never defeated uh. Always respect the great ones before our time (legends) real niggas can understand when its time to grind. Level up or move around, yo squad aint making a sound. They got quiet when real hittas came around (silence). Me and gang we back at it, smoking shit up serving geeks like crack addicts. Forever leaving, always achieving, niggas hate give em a reason. Look in the sky we always high off the era season. Remember when niggas said footwork was dead, they neglected it. Went through hell and back to give it life we resurrecting shit. Put imprints up on the road now that’s some legend shit.
Niggas cant hang with us cant bang with us, burning fools into angel dust. Cant even drive the same lane as us. Set the bar high now they blaming us, so niggas is devastated. Lost in the sauce, corrupted souls, uneducated. Hood economics and street smarts was never played with. Hustle up to the come up. Pussy boy bet not run up. Me and my niggas stunting. Beat the odds aint no running nigga

2x Im getting cream hitting wurkz on the scene niggas looking mean
Track Name: Round 5. Get U Some Remix (The Era Prod. Slick Shoota)
Look, I feel they plotting on me phony, guess they want the trophy, but you can have that shit it taint even a soul call holy. She say I really want you to go back to that old bulby. That 09 body whole crew, yeah the one and only. Im hungry. I told my mans to pack a stokie while I serve these niggas mostaccioli. You worried about a comment that’s nonsense. That account could never amount whats done in person boy that’s commonsense. Been faded nigga that’s past tense, im laughing. Doing too much cause you never win, start off good end up Jeremy Lin. Focused to much on what the next man did damn. Flip styles like quarters heads tails front back side to side, this war aint meant for soldiers, see the circle post mortem, but you can get u some you can get u some, I’m killing whole crews no gun get u some, cause in these circles where you find me. I’m giving niggas what they need straight to the vain, like an I V, aye so get u some you can get u some, we killing whole crews no gun get you some. So get u some you can get u some, we killing whole crews no gun get u some.

Bridge / Chorus
4x So get them squares out yo circle, you aint smoking shit get yo ass out the circle

niggas say they want them some well come and get u some. I just made like 4-5 rounds up niggas bet not run, like 4-5 ounces of the loudest niggas will get smoked. We 4-5 killas in that circle this aint what you want. We in the trap you wanna run up and get gun up yeah. The alley’s where we at that’s where we come from yeah. Cause ion be in BGZ facebook page talking bout how I battle at BGZ all day, Nah. That sound stupid to me if you footwork nigga this is how you prove it to me. Been running the game for years now, should just give this shit straight to my kids now. Mann my nephew and son gone be fucking advanced, yo kids gone be getting burnt that’s what I’m saying. You mockin my words but I’m fucking not playing, I’m fucking not playing, I’m fucking not playing. Don’t take it for granted I’ll say it again, don’t take it for granted I’m fucking not playing. So you can get u some you can get u some. I hit the Drake and then I skate but niggas aint for none. Uh, get u some nigga get u some I’m from the east side we ride or die so get u some, uh. Nigga, you can get u some, uh……. nigga get u some.

Im really, in the field don’t give a fuck who feel me. Niggas cappin they been acting like they fucking killed me. Wurkz in alley to the valley straight to London from the dungeon tell them niggas stop the fronting battle something im in front and. Aint no argument footwork with words we started it, tell top go grab the starter kit. Fna hit BGZ straight party shit. Uh, Weak niggas get 3 for a buck 50 swiftly and that’s all you get. Im crossing combos in a different time zone and you know my mind blown with the squad and we straight on Spartan shit, yeah. We got the heart for this, you vic’s aint got the heart for shit. Peons aint making harder as shit, I’m blue TS bang hard as crips. We the nicest and that’s off the rip, talking dream team bulls in 96. Took footwork and made it flip sooo… get u some niggas know bout lo I never run killing under every sun.

We are respected never second guessed it. Applying pressure to the game, stepping on necks. We kill at close range. Let me show you my demeanor. Name a big nigga that’s way cleaner. Got leader of heat, burn feets on concrete, we stay in these streets. Using combos to kill these circles niggas cannot compete. They fucking weak, fabricated wurkz wont work. They feelings is hurt. Footwork aint dead we brung it back from the dirt, cause we…. Bout to go hard again, era logos on them cardigans flights to Kuwait. We never late niggas hate. We levitate on top we elevate. These wurkz are heaven sent pussy we got the evidence tearing up yo residence. Counting all these presidents. Come get this lesson, we stay passing out blessings. Ghosting up in my section, spit fire in yo direction. Get u some come and get u some, era crew running through niggas better run. Uh get u some come and get u some. Im from the pole where its cold, uptown where I’m from.