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by The Era Footwork Crew

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In November of 2015, The Era began expanding into making music, rhyming on footwork tracks by some of Chicago's most important producers including DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ Clent and others. IN THE WURKS is The Era's first FM (footwork mixtape), adding lyrical content to tracks all about Footwork and how they came from Chicago's allies to headlining across the world as The Era. They dive into their lives surrounding this and their views on the culture itself.

Listen as they give their perspective on Chicago footwork and the world surrounding it, calling it Footwork with words. Download the full mixtape for Free now

1. RUN UP (INTRO) ft. The Remedy
2. RUN UP ft. The Remedy (Prod. DJ Manny/ DJ Taye)
3. LABBIN (Prod. DJ Manny / DJ Taye)
4. IN THE WURKZ (Prod. DJ Manny)
5. THE TESTAMENT ft. B Rael (Prod. DJ Earl)
6.THOUGHTS (INTERELUDE) ft. Queen Crystal (Prod. DJ Earl / DJ Heavee)
7. BURNING N....Z (Prod. DJ Manny)
8. GOOD SHIT (Prod. DJ Clent)
9. HEADLINING ft. Greggo (Prod. DJ Spinn)


released October 28, 2016

All songs written by [ The Era Footwork Crew]

Tracks produced by DJ Manny, DJ Spinn, DJ Earl, DJ Taye [ Teklife ] and DJ Clent [ Beatdown House Records ]

Engineer/Mix/Mastering by DJ D-man [ Flip Da Script Studios ]

Song features by The Remedy, Greggo, Crystal James, B'Rael Ali

Produced by [ The Era ] Litebulb, Chief Manny, Steelo, P-top, Dempsey and Wills, Jody Digital, Dee-Dee, Dana,

Special thanks to all of our collaborators on this project



all rights reserved


The Era Footwork Crew Chicago, Illinois

THE ERA is a Chicago-based footwork crew. Members from the group have performed on Windy City live ABC 7 Chicago, London's Barbican, Pitchfork music festival in Chicago, Lollapalooza, South by Southwest and have collaborated with various artists and collectives such as Teklife, Towkio, Chance The Rapper, Savemoney and Mic Terror of Treated Crew. ... more

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Track Name: The Era ft. The Remedy - Run Up
Verse 1

Lite Bulb: Controls and analog sticks the way I do this shit, voices whisper circles quite when I step up in it, wanna run up on me, but these wurkz was god sent, connected with the higher ups like we work for sprint, yo wurkz ain't worth a penny cent, these wurkz help pay my rent, yo wurkz like when you reach in pockets for yo last cent, yo Wurkz ain't worth a penny cent, these wurkz help pay my rent, the Wurkz make a scream louder so I'm groovin Austin powers.

Verse 2

Chief Manny: Step in the party niggas looking yes I am a target, step in the party niggas looking, yes i am a target. Step in the party niggas looking yes I am a target, hit em with the left and right combos, please don't get me started. Hit em with the left and right combos please don't get me started, hit em with the left right combos please don't get me started. I can kill a opp no hesitation guess I'm cold hearted. Uh! I'm a fuckin walking lick, some niggas tried to burn me they just on some stalking shit. Uh! They try me cause its 4 to 1, but i'm that nigga yall I killed em I ain't gotta run. Tried to run train but that shit lame, burning you mane are you fuckin insane, no hesitation for you suckas waitin on the corner hating cause this shit ain't no game. Uh! This shit ain't no game this shit ain't no game. Taking flight a quarter 8 tonight we killing at the party back at it with gang!


The Remedy: The same thing the same thing, I be burning niggaz daily mann i swear they hate me. This ain't me this ain't me. All these oppositions at me man i swear it can't be nooo, nooo nooo nooo nooo noo noooooo! The same thing same thing i be burning niggas daily mann i swear they hate me.

Verse 3

P-top: Too legit to quit the era gang we on our shit, too legit to quit the era gang we on our shit. Too legit to quit the era gang we on our shit, weak niggas stay out the circle we burning all the opposites. Weak niggas stay out the circle we burning all the opposites, Weak niggas stay out the circle we burning all the opposites. Stay the fuck up out the circle burning opposites, niggas tried to run up on me but they stupid need to quit. Niggas weak I stay labbin serving fools I stay trapping, In my city I'm never lacking, got werks that's what I'm packing. With this heat you get treated
for no reason, burning fools it's killa season Era crew we stay beaming. Counting up them body bags after body bags, know me I got swag. Haters always go be mad, I sleep on em Jetlagged, I work hard no time to brag, fold em up like a paper bag. Big nigga shit might as well quit
go against tha gang we stay lit

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
Stelo: Still moving through my city hit bgz they looking crazy, niggas what's up Lo wishing that they could faze me. Fitted on, brim bent, new WURKS, fresh kicks reverse erks run up hitting niggas with that backspin, niggas know they can't win. I'm in the circle kicking flowing it's home my home MacAulay Culkin niggas trash and I know it, we killers and we show it get ya name sumn, sumn mn.. Man fuck it you get it

Chief Manny: So how you feel lo?
Stelo:Niggas be hating but every time we hit the scene we make it lituations! So what you on bulb?
Lite Bulb: I'm in the club fuck it up, killing niggas in these circles that be running up. So whats the word top?
P-top: Im going crazy niggas wurkz baby, shit can't phase me, but i'm on my shit! Hold it down chief!
Chief Manny: In the circle up off pill, flotation devices attached to my ankles you running up on us we gotta kill!
Track Name: The Era - Labbin
Verse 1

Chief Manny: We fina show yall niggas how to really get in the lab, how to really fuckin practice. Make up some new heat uh.

I'll take you back to the basics back to them places, back to the lab 2009 back to the haves, and have nots but who give a fuck, see really I just give it up to hard work development before us. So let me show you how this practice shit really go, me and my niggas in the lab acting silly hoe. 5 deep we just burning all you niggas cash prize 6 racks leave the party counting figures. And thats just going hard day and night just in the tory. Stay off the map for bout 3 months coming back in our glory. We come in 3's save the day nigga Robert Horry, labbin then we hit the stage nigga thats our story.

Dexter: So you want to know what my latest invention is do you?? It is great thats what it is.

Verse 2

Lite Bulb: I woke up early having clearer visions, something like omission and interventions to place myself in better positions, I always told myself, hear before you talk young man you could listen, step up in yo circle kill em wit precision, now I see that it's a quarter past ten, I'm on my dexter shit so it's back in the lab again, I'm using Wurkz, paper pencil just to jog my mental, so I can paint this world a picture staring through this stencil,
I told myself bulb you should run for president, so you can make em feel the burn, Bernie sanders shit, earned respect and spread fear like I was footwork as poltergeist, say the price, in the lab for years so the Wurkz is nice,It's as simple as a erk flipping moves that fold crews like animations do at dream works, you gone get this work!

Repeat chorus

Verse 3

Stelo: We had to grind our way in, We had to find our way in, Now multiply that by 10. You see us styling in different places on stages wildn,
ask how we get here no dabbing my niggas stayed packing, know how the game go stayed labbin footwork my main flow, stayed on that other
Y'all still be on that same old, burning niggas as the bass beats and snares kick, legend in the making you don't want this, rounds like two hundred clips a a hundred ghost a hundred kicks T.S who I'm running with ERA throw ya fucking clique.. LO

Repeat chorus

The Era: In the lab, from the alley to the gallery nigga. In the lab, turned these wurkz into a salary nigga. In the lab, so pardon we, we did our time in the lab so we scorching niggas 3rd degree.

Outro: We had to grind our way in, We had to find our way in, Now multiply that by 10.
Track Name: The Era - In The Wurkz
Chief Manny: Just let the whole song play out. All the way through. In that circle we shake bake. Pussy! Hit them mikes and then we skate. Goofy!!! Been burning niggas with these wurkz, but with these ghost we go bizzirk.

Verse 1

Chief Manny: Been on the corner at the store mann (With these wurkz)
Fucked up my J's I need some more mann (With these wurkz)

P-Top: Big nigga holing it down boa (With these wurkz)
Stepping on necks taking crowns boa (With these wurkz)

Lite Bulb: I stay serving crews daily nigga (With these wurkz)
5 deep strapped no navy nigga (With these wurkz)

Stelo: Killing circles burning trees skud (With these wurks)
From over east to overseas skud (With these wurks)

Verse 2

Chief Manny: Hit combos and then I leave mann (With them ghost)
I'm breaking straight down to my knees mann (With them ghost)

P-Top: Coast to coast, state to state boa (With them ghost)
Always on time never late boa (With them ghost)

Lite Bulb: You packed a leather cuz I'm cold nigga (With them ghost)
Been foldn goofy's since girbau nigga (With them ghost)

Stelo: On a mission. Come through whipping skud (With them ghost)
In the circle handle business skud (With them ghost)

Verse 3

Chief Manny: Glide up on you and I'm ticking mann (With these mikes)
Been killing the dancing now niggas is spitting mann (With these mikes/mics)

P-Top: Always in traffic yeah I'm back boa (With these mikes)
Full force stay on attack boa (With these mikes)

Lite Bulb: Aim at yo circle triple beam nigga (With these mikes)
I'm all about the Wurkz but clean nigga (With these mikes)

Stelo: Yes combos flow way better skud (With these mikes)
We a take this where ever skud (With these mikes/mics)


Chief Manny: Devastation from levitation, leave em shaking from us skating. Paramedics, how we get it, niggas soulless from this dancing. How can you not hate us, on the floor niggas dangerous. We gone burn the whole party!

Verse 4

Chief Manny: Moving fast up in the circle mann (With shake bakes)
These big moves a really hurt you mann (With shake bakes)

P-Top: On higher grounds forever killing boa (With shake bakes)
Niggas weak forever stealing boa (With shake bakes)

Lite Bulb: In the circle change the pedigree (With shake bakes)
This last move complete the recipe (With shake bakes)

Stelo: Steady killing cap peeling skud (With shake bakes)
Around the world we be killing skud (With shakes bakes)

Verse 5

Chief Manny: Intimidate you with my presence mann (In that circle)
I was a gift sent from the heavens mann (In that circle)

P-Top: Kill a sucker set him on fire boa (In that circle)
Era gang never retire boa (In that circle)

Lite Bulb: I done killed ya favorite worker nigga (In that circle)
They saying bulb committed murder nigga (In that circle)

Stelo: Everybody know my name skud (In that circle)
And they know we change the game skud (In that circle)
Track Name: The Era ft. B'Rael Ali - The Testament
The testament was passed down. Written like the articles of confederation to the 4th generation of footworkers. To lead the nation. The come up is real

Verse 1

Chief Manny: We footwork for justice and equality, niggas steal wurkz from the kid thats a robbery. Burn the place down tear it up, try stopping me, we in these streets 5 deep artillery is larger than the amory. Well army I mean the air-force but not one's dawg, Im ts but like gs hit you with guns dawg. Have rallies in the alley march from New York straight to Cali screaming where the fuck yall at fuck uncle sam and aunt sally.

Verse 2

Stelo: May I, tell you how we can from nothing uplifting our daily struggles using work as the muscle, on a mission, tryna to get it, cops killing men and children it's crazy like back then if you black then you a villain but, we on some Martin Luther shit X might have to shoot some shit footworking disturbing the peace going Ludacris. Kings from way back, move through streets in all black, fuck embassies fuck industries my people got my back.

Verse 3

Brael Ali: Chi-Town birth and raised me, like the streets of mother nature had a baby shit was crazy cant be lazy in the hood. The skyscrapers taught us that we should, reach for the stars and reclaims whats ours, these them reparation bars. Sooner than later give them our 40 acres, pain and aches of my ancestors taught me lesser. Never stressin cause life ain't far gotta make a way out of bullshit and despair anyway anywhy anywhere nigga I don't care. You gotta eat, but don't become a victim to these streets. Yo beef shouldn't be with me but those who put yo ass in poverty. Be yo brothers keepers bonding by the brotherhood will make our forces lethal. Don't ever let em tell you aint equal, we may have not started it but we gone finish. Obama showed us that the head of state is opeeeeeen for business. Black economics check our phonics. You don't think black lives matter well infact we built this whole country on our backs. Is a major factor. They call us slaves but we the real masters.

Lite Bulb: Whoop......... Show mufuckas..... Whoop....... Yeah....... The city see us. They never thought we'll be equal. Huh!!! Whoop......... Boa

Verse 3

Lite Bulb: My culture misunderstood, we came from the Burroughs fighting teeth n nail while they perpetuate our daily struggles, but y'all some culture vultures. Y'all like to glorify pain, but never feel our struggles. Y'all wanna see us dance behind y'all figures, why y'all sit back get fat then y'all count y'all figures, but wit this work shit we can change yo picture. Like when the stars aligning, we went from being unknown, to movie screens and headlining i know you see us Miah. We hitting wurkz in these Chicago streets where shorties bleed, from where you see the top but fighting demons underneath. We had these wurks before our next meal, so when you see us in that circle, boy it's time to kill, Boy it's time to kill, Marcus Garvey with the wurkz so you know it's real, catch Me in that circle know this shit a drill, Boy it's time to kill, Marcus Garvey with the wurkz so you know it's real, catch me in that circle David copper field. Boy its time to kill

Verse 4

P-Top: A hard headed never learn step in this circle you go get burned. Play your position wake up and listen better pay attention, with these wurkz respect was taken its never giving. Seeing the future with my bad vision, giving wisdom to the youth but shorties mad tripping. Common sense missing, with no structure, these Lil niggas need a big brother, I got you
With them erks n skates we go get that shit up out you. Burn one for my people Cause we're never equal. Forever hitting wurkz for them lame jerks. The mind is a weapon don't ever waste it, the money come n go I don't never chase it. We deserve better
Track Name: The Era - Burning N....Z

The Era: In yo city with a era lid, you know me and my team we on some savage shit, last men standing, burning niggas for the hell of it, on some soon to be legend shit!

Verse 1

Stelo: Change the game up came up spread the culture yeah they blame us, flying cross them states boy and I never got my chain tucked, levitated burning fools after I flame up, let them suckas tell it the game say that we change up.. we did.. cause the era back to back in this bitch running trainers we come through like the rangers, team caking no debating footworking we changing nations, kill the party see ya later I got combos for the haters.

Verse 2

Chief Manny: Back then they wasn't on me now I'm kinda hot so they sorta want me. Footwork shit change the game mann headed to the top on a plane mann, I don't smoke on the mary jane mann but them space cakes leave me dangling. Space cakes leave me dangling mann the space cakes leave me dangling. On occasion niggas be hating, I keep my eyes open cause they waiting for a nigga, to be lacking, but with them wukz shits we go skating on a nigga. I keep packing heat and them combos we'll go crazy on you niggas. So just stop it era gang teklife we go stupid.

Verse 3

P-Top: You get around to hit a round, north side my side of town. From the Ark to battlegrounds, damn you got me in it now. Hitting wurkz to the sounds, box me out that circle now. Footworking through the crowd Mfs better move around. Ghosting from side to side, I ain't trying hide the beast inside. Era gang we down to ride Era gang we down to ride. Me my niggas we stay live, we getting it in on any side. You with a side then pick a side, abc we going live.

Verse 4

Lite Bulb: We be burning niggas not concerned wit what they say, We be burning niggaz not concerned with what they say, sucka mentalities only provoke my tendencies.
Stelo: Foowork our signature burning niggas off Hennessy, Picasso with combos legends you know we fina be. We dropping literature come thru and we finish ya.
Chief Manny: When we burning niggas they be stealing wurkz, torch em to the ground niggas feelings hurt. Niggas stay biting nigga stop typing, in the bgz page kill em with the rage.

Verse 5

Lite Bulb: Double E's on the cover a new city magazine and having deep thoughts while I roll these trees. On how I never take this shit for granted as I sip tea, we the footwork wu tang we ain't dance team. We just a footwork crew that like the finer things, I spark the dope up. I'm tryna soar to Star Wars and land on dantooine, if I was you and you was me, you say the same thing, the same thing.
Track Name: The Era - Good Shit
Verse 1

P-Top: I run up stop ,drop and slide then pull up. Hitting mikes for the hypes on the side yea they shook up. Soon as you look up, going ghost you niggas too stuck. Fuck fame I got my name up, Hitting wurkz that's how we came up. See a sucka its time to flame up, blaze one then switch the lane up. Back up off me we change the game up

Verse 2

Chief Manny: So let me tell you bout a time mann, when niggas was all in my face in the place, but I didn't give a dime mann, well a damn mann. Swear the squad just go so ham mann. Put holes in crews, I'll fold you too. Told you i'm the can mann, so anybody that don't stand with it they can get it. Niggas know me so don't pull it dawg, ya manz trippin. Standing in line just to shake my hand after these rounds. Telling me good shit, don't fake it mann you is a clown. YES!!!!

Stelo: You gotta come to chicago mann, For real.


Stelo: Good shit to all my wurkers killing LA. Good shit to all my wurkers killing BROOKLYN. Good shit to all my wurkers killin TOKYO, But you aint killing circles till you kill Chicago. Good shit! Good shit! Good shit! Good shit! Good shit! Good shit! Good shit! Good shit! Them wurkz was weak as hell boa but good shit!

Verse 3

Lite Bulb: Look pay attention, in a circle or stage you know I'm real efficient. like steph curry for the three, you know I never miss it, several rounds you can get it, the calvary always come wit it, then she book my flight wit triplet. And shorty keep a large bag like she keep her ass, a burn most these niggaz, then leave em In a body bag. Then she leave wit me eating kale salads and snow crabs, while she whisper freaky things cruising down Ellis ave. She love the wurkz, like she love the nba, I'm cramming by the second half, Bulls vs cavs. Then I'm back to bgz to give these niggaz class, these adversaries say they cold, legends say they trash. Thats why I mix these works, like chemicals in science labs, you niggaz reps like one paragraph. My shit long like essays, giraffe necks , I guess these suckas need reality checks. Serving works like 6th period lunch, who's next?

Stelo: Fuckin trash ass niggas. Funny as hell, but good shit though. we see yall mann Tokyo, LA, Brooklyn, Minnesota, Detroit. Yall aint on shit though! You where you gotta come you know who you gotta come see. Um We out

Repeat Chorus:
Track Name: The Era ft. Greggo 5 Mill - Headlining
Greggo 5 Mill: Yo this yo boy greggo, reporting live right in front of yo muthafucking eyes. Im in this bitch with the era mann, we on this work. Aye chief manny mann lets get it bro. Where you at?

Verse 1

Chief Manny: Garbage cans was our block, alley worked to the top. Infinity and beyond, rewind, begun. We came from trash buckets, slumville nobodies. Footworking our way to duckets headlining rocking parties. Skating skating pass the comp was no mystic breeze, suckas suckas out for us but squad and fam is all you need, Damn. I swear to god they all you got, been killing a minute now niggas is winning chinchillas and chilling its cold at the top. 24/7 this shit do not stop. Told you my nigga we straight from the block, propelling not dwelling on shit from the past we passed you goofies that banging the box. God Damn. When people see us dance they be wilding out and bugging like we God, God?? I know that shit didn’t rhyme but it’s the fucking truth footworking in our prime. All the time all the time in our prime buddy shorty bugging wildin crying cause she seen us live buddy.

Verse 2

Stelo: Era crew era gang whatever you wanna call it, hit them stages and them people they, just go retarded. Came from nothing made it something, they gone kill us niggas stunting. We been all across the world with this shit, hit my gram check my pics, from the alley we took flight now. The Era Footwork Crew you see our names in them lights, but niggas get it twisted thinking it happened over night but nights in that alley and at mana got us right. Hit the stage ladies dropping, Push the culture never stopping legends throwing L's cause our rep game proper. Push the culture never stopping legends throwing L's cause our rep game proper

Verse 3

Lite Bulb: Damn, shorty say she feel a young man, been torching circles now them E's on billboards out in Japan. I'm killing in vans, don't let perception fool you found this value in our solitude so let these lines remind you. Who would of thought me and my mans a be headlining, pictures shit vividly, while still getting my hair lined. Wurkz in Peru, my team never had a deal signed, we stay in front of couple thousands, catch us on jimmy Fallon. We had to show the game these E’s, but wit these Wurkz we bring artilleries, Uzi wit the strap to clap yo militaries. Damn, we got a show booked again, wills aim wit the cam record before the show begin. Come through, counting checks, wills here, push the lex. She know the Wurkz is in her city so she text us next. We killing fest, shorty screamed and showed us both chest. The skates embed, up the charts is where we headed next!.

Verse 4

Greggo 5 Mill: This is obvious, we made it out the hood without a scholarship, my life I've seem to polish it, barley had a pot to piss, barley had a pot to sit, this shit erked me, I'm just erkin, footworkin, lerkin in circles, Hurtin niggaz my daily purpose. Purchase at berkins, like food they burnin, I'm earning, ranking, murkin, skatin, surfin, these waves they surfing, opening curtains, I'm too determined my headlines like raw lining, no prime styling just do honors and count commas. Every little minute that I'm working with, I'm a be the nigga with a point to pick, with a erk to hit, you know what to get, when the speakers kick, ain't no time to sit. I'm on straight work, I take first and claim turfs, as dreams birth my new worth gets dispersed, i'm headlining.