Round 1. Manny's Home (Chief Manny Prod. RP Boo)

from by The Era Footwork Crew



You niggas keep talking that shit, but losing this battles and throwing a fit, the era its 4 of them niggas but killing whole parties like 4 to the 10th, power so how are you goofy's gone cower up, after we rain on you, April showers. Our status cause frantic and panic in niggas, bring caskets to battles and funeral flowers. How is it, from this dance shit we make a living and counting thousands, guess we smart we done played our part now lets lounge in this game. No time for back tracking our lane is made, save the day.

Cause winters near I smell the fear and taste the blood, I'm a hound dog at the grounds ya'll, with these rounds dog, you put a stop to us how does that sound dog. Member this clown ran up on me with some bop shit, hit the nae nae, revered the folkz shit where is yo dance card? Imma revoke it. It was a Thursday he need to stop it, I do not play play, he tried to drop it, bring that ass here boy, I'm bout to drop kick, you with feet work shit, my rounds are perfect, but anyways, the moral of that shit, any dancer touch a circle you will get clapped quick. (Daddy's home) No manny’s home so, (Feel the beat) my moves are fire in these streets, standing on the 7 9 bus stop playing beats. Don’t mistake me for no street nigga, but I'm packing heat in these streets nigga, with the holiest ghost burning you like some toast, I swear all my friends say I’m doing the most. Don’t know when to stop when a nigga get going, torch you on Sunday, then labbed all day Monday, by Tuesday I'm back in the streets but its snowing. Stay working all day so what more can I say, i'm heated from making up heat Hennessy. Brings fire and wakes up the demons from dreaming don’t scream and get burnt like a spoon cause i'm fiending


from So·lo (z) EP, track released June 9, 2017
Written by Chief Manny (The Era) Copyright control. Ⓟ2017 The Era Footwork Crew LLC

Produced by Kavain Wayne Space. Copyright control. Ⓟ&ⓒ2015 Planet Mu Records Ltd.



all rights reserved


The Era Footwork Crew Chicago, Illinois

THE ERA is a Chicago-based footwork crew. Members from the group have performed on Windy City live ABC 7 Chicago, London's Barbican, Pitchfork music festival in Chicago, Lollapalooza, South by Southwest and have collaborated with various artists and collectives such as Teklife, Towkio, Chance The Rapper, Savemoney and Mic Terror of Treated Crew. ... more

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