Round 3. Bulby Wurk Hard (Litebulb Prod. DJ Spinn)

from by The Era Footwork Crew



I work hard, city know I go hard , ayyyyyyye I go hard, go hard, go hard, go hard. Hey. They saying shit like we the last of a dying breed, grew the culture like we in the backyard planting seeds. I aint no mc. You couldn’t find a rapper hitting glides as cold as me, ghost a make yo soul leave. Michael Jackson times 3, I come from granny basement long nights floating shits creek, that’s 91st street. Where the greats selected me. B-u-l-b when we in these streets. These niggas sleeping. Im up at 3 a.m. stroking my thoughts the rent is creeping, but do you know the feeling? You Gotta come up with that income cause the pipes is dripping. Im on my way to work I’m labbin boy i’m never slipping, ah solve a problem any circle boy we mathematicians. I come from 4 a.m. labbin out in moms kitchen. to foldin dudes in lunchrooms and then we cop suspensions. The skates unique like when 2 atoms splitting. I caught the game fast ball, no glove or mitten. Its either cold winters or hot summers. You either dance or hoop with the mans or them streets will melt you like hot butter. Cause I’m a crowd splitter, old soul credentials master splinter, track leaner, wurkz is cleaner. Straight out the britta. leaving my print in the field like a pair of cleats, so they copy me like a parakeet. Wurkz hard, flows hard, let my talent speak cause talk is cheap. Ayyyyye. I go hard
Go hard 3x

They say they wurkin we don’t see em whats your resume (where you at)3x
No days off cause I’m clocking in like everyday.

I work hard, city know I go hard. Aye. Go hard 4x


from So·lo (z) EP, track released June 9, 2017
Written by Litebulb (The Era) Copyright control. Ⓟ2017 The Era Footwork Crew LLC

Produced by Morris Harper (DJ Spinn) Copyright control. Ⓟ2017 Teklife



all rights reserved


The Era Footwork Crew Chicago, Illinois

THE ERA is a Chicago-based footwork crew. Members from the group have performed on Windy City live ABC 7 Chicago, London's Barbican, Pitchfork music festival in Chicago, Lollapalooza, South by Southwest and have collaborated with various artists and collectives such as Teklife, Towkio, Chance The Rapper, Savemoney and Mic Terror of Treated Crew. ... more

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